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Virtually have your customers in the palm of your hand. We will make it happen for you. Intuit Group's digital pros will design and produce an effective "user friendly" website or program that will captivate and nurture new and existing customers. The latest design programs combined with our innovative business communications expertise will give your business the digital edge. In addition to traditional website design, Intuit Group will provide digital direct mail programs, newsletters and valuable customer feedback programs. We will help you establish a positive, continuous connection with your customers

and prospects.

Search Engine Rankings (Internet Popularity): We work on getting your website popularity raised in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and more! We can even focus in on getting the best results in your particular industry or field of work. After all, if your website is your business online, you need to be found as fast as possible.

An Up-to-Date Website: Your website will always be up-to-date with your latest news, videos, announcements and more. With our team of website builders and editors, there is always someone that will be working to keep your website current and as accurate as you need it to be.

Always Looking Good: No matter what, your website will look good if someone is viewing it on a laptop, desktop computer, iPhone, smartphone, iPod, or any other type of device. You have to reach your customer in any way possible - your website should be able to do some of that work for you.

Social Media (Facebook/Twitter): Need a company/organization Facebook or Twitter page? We can do both! (and with full customization). Get a social media page that is better than the standard pages, along with your website, today! We can also tie both together so they follow the same format and design.

Experience: Intuit Group has been in business for over 11 years. We have gained a lot of experience over that amount of time and place all of that experience into each and every website we create.

Creative: Illuminate your company's products, services and image in the mind of your customers and prospects. Good creative mixed with your website is the new age in website design. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a website is worth even more.

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