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Consulting: Identify your target, simplify your strategy and clarify your goals. A few hours of consultation will make a world of difference. Intuit can provide market research, advertising audit, and strategy evaluation to your sales and promotion projects. Third party consulting is a priceless and growing service as companies feel the pressure to "Get it right the first time." You will save time and make more of your program with an Intuit Group™ marketing consultant as your ally. We will provide an entire program or contribute our talents to your team of professionals.

Creative: Illuminate your company's products, services and image in the mind of your customers and prospects. Good creative is like a beacon amidst all the images your audience is exposed to. Brighter, brilliant creative gets your message top-of-mind where it counts. The best creative keeps it there. A picture is worth more than a thousand words when it becomes a strong mental image positively positioning you -- and your offering.

We provide concepts for print, radio, TV and web campaigns which are consistent with your graphics and image. Our ideas are original and an integral part of your marketing plan. Why should you choose Intuit creativity over the self-proclaimed "creative boutiques?" Because we are not building a portfolio on your dime. We are building a reputation of success for your company and ours.

Public Relations: Front page of the Wall Street Journal? The Queen of England? Sure... If it's possible and relevant, we will work to make it happen. Nothing is impossible and nothing great is possible without the consent of your many publics. We will show you how to identify, reach and nurture the many groups of public opinion and acceptance necessary to your company's continued existence.

PR is the line item you cannot shortchange. Business is under scrutiny more than ever and it is vital that your publics get the correct message and information without questionable embellishment or competitor's spin. We can maximize your PR investment and keep you in a favorable light with a well planned and executed program. This includes press releases, trade media editorials, press conferences, newsletters, media interviews, speeches, corporate events, awards programs, employee relations, crisis management and proactive planning to minimize crisis in the first place.

Marketing: The line has to rise... If yours is not -- someone else's is -- and  you are losing. There should be no bottom line, only a growing one. Market share is the juice that makes your company viable. How do you protect what you have? How do you grow market share in a declining or weak market? We can point out mistakes others have made and help you uncover advantages you may have overlooked. Our services cover: complete programs, new product introductions, product and corporate positioning, brand name development, direct mail, product line organization, promotion, merchandising, package design and more.

Advertising: It's like putting a salesman in your prospects face at a time when they least expect it. It finds prospects you don't know about. Advertising reaches people who want to know about you, your products and services. It reminds and reinforces your message and offering to the customers you have, again and again, so they stay your customers. It also finds new customers while your existing customers are finding new suppliers. You have to advertise. We will help you do it well.

We consider advertising an art form requiring a surgeon's precision and a CPA's practicality. Advertising can be a swamp where your precious marketing dollars sink to oblivion. We do not "try" advertising -- we make it work. You don't want a "bang for your buck." You want a compelling message direct to your prospects.  We use advertising as a practiced and precise tool. We will provide program recommendations, trade and consumer print media schedules, outdoor, web, radio, TV buys and more.

Design: Trends are cyclical -- good design is timeless. We know the difference and apply our experience so it will impact your targeted prospect in a positive way. This includes: Corporate identity, web sites, brochures, annual reports, catalogs, spec sheets, flyers, ads, trade shows, events, store fronts, business lobbies and more.

Now artists can bring their concepts and yours to life like never before. But, even with all the bells and whistles of today's design technology and tools -- not everyone can produce. Not everyone can produce on time. It is only the true artist with natural talent, insight and the ability to take good market savvy direction that will produce the most effective designs. We have them.

Web Design And Programs: Virtually have your customers in the palm of your hand. We will make it happen for you. Intuit Group's digital pros will design and produce an effective "user friendly" web site or program that will captivate and nurture new and existing customers. The latest design programs combined with our innovative business communications expertise will give your business the digital edge. In addition to traditional web site design, Intuit Group will provide digital direct mail programs, newsletters and valuable customer feedback programs. We will help you establish a positive, continuous connection with your customers

and prospects.

Corporate Events and Displays: We are instep with all the latest presentation media, methods and talent required to keep your event or display above the top. Our experience with the media -- both public media and materials media -- and talent for powerful theme development and graphic visuals combine to produce a more memorable event and display.

Ever get deja vu at a corporate event? That's because they are yet to discover the Intuit difference. We are not locked into a few suppliers who do the same thing over and over again. Our network is wide and our planning is based on a thorough understanding of the objectives. We can increase attendance and deliver the desired message with wit and style. The only thing predictable about an Intuit event is its uniqueness.

Political Campaign Consulting & Programs: Intuit Professionals are ready to assist you in developing a communications strategy for your campaign. Clear messages and graphics that communicate your purpose are critical and we will help you tremendously with this. Whether it's only consultation to help you define your messages or a full advertising and public relations campaign, we are ready to serve you with top talent. Intuit Group professionals love America and everything it stands for. We especially respect the great work and plans of our founding fathers and hold their intentions for this great nation close to our hearts. Philosophically, we are lovers of freedom, especially freedom of speech and free enterprise, and believe in the American Dream.


“The customer is always right”,

though not always true, it’s still our philosophy in all that we do.

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