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“Teri Chouinard, and her company, Intuit Group, have done an outstanding job with our color popularity program over the last four years. She has brought color, creativity and feeling to printed materials, brand marketing programs and events programming. Her ability to implement creative concepts to meet our needs in a timely and cost effective manner is important to our business.”

Terrence. Q. Cressy

Director of Communications

& Government Affairs

DuPont Automotive

“Teri Chouinard and the Intuit Group have provided creative advertising and PR campaigns, slide presentations and graphics programs that have greatly benefited our marketing efforts over the last three years. They are a valued supplier and fun to work with.”

Rachael Dolson

National Marketing Manager

Transilwrap Company Inc.

Dear Teri,

Thank you so much for your much needed PR work! The press releases and PSAs added the element of professionalism that made our production taken seriously.  Thank you for all your hard work and for your enthusiasm on the weekend of. 

With our deepest gratitude,

The CBE – Citizens for Better Education

Lapeer Idol Committee

& Kathy especially!!

Intuit Group Public Relations services propelled Soliant's image to high status in the international press.  Highlights included front covers in our leading trade journal PCI – Paint & Coatings Industry, prominent coverage in the New York Times, and numerous exposures in leading automotive and plastics publications and in our local press.  Her efforts in presenting our technology advantages was instrumental in our achievement of numerous industry awards resulting in further publicity and pride for our employees and suppliers.  All this exposure enhanced the appeal of our paintfilm technology resulting in increased sales and interest in the marketplace.  I highly recommend her and Intuit Group and am very grateful for their services. 

John H. Cupstid

Sales Director, Soliant

AkzoNobel Automotive Plastic Coatings


 Congratulations!  If I recall correctly, my target for sponsorship for this year was $110,000, and by all reckoning, in a very tough year, you did it! This is a new record and without a doubt due to a lot of very hard work on your part. I owe you a great deal of thanks, and certainly more. Perhaps we can schedule lunch after the conference to celebrate? I truly appreciate all you do for the ACCE and also your determination, poise and professionalism. It doesn't hurt that you're also fun to be around!

Warm regards,

Dale Brosius

SPE ACCE Chairman

Dear Teri,

Thank you for your marketing consulting, advertising and public relations services. Your branding strategy recommendations, including the development of slogans and product names to enhance our brands, are truly benefiting our communications and sales. Our advertising is greatly improved thanks to your unified creative concepts and writing. Because of your PR efforts on our behalf, we are now receiving more attention in the press - than ever before, for our products and services. Our lobby is looking really nice now too thanks to your direction to make it “...an Exhibit That Sells.” I also want to thank you again for your event planning services for our 10 Year Anniversary last July. Your “Grow With Us” theme including the Bonsai Plant centerpieces and customer gifts are still a big hit!

Ramesh S. Iyer

Vice President Commercial Operations

Asahi Kasei Plastics North America, Inc.

"Teri Chouinard has done an excellent job promoting induction heating products and services over the last 20 years. Her extra efforts in the public relations arena (when Inductoheat was first formed from their previous name I.P.E. Cheston), helped Inductoheat to be known throughout the world. Her creative ideas for displays and show promotion (at a former employer's) brought us more traffic at one of the shows than that company had ever experienced - and this was when there was a record low attendance at the show!" Her advertising and PR programs have always generated great results. When we were using a planned program of news releases and display advertising we were generating several thousand responses a year.

Frank Wilson
Technical Sales Director

After consulting with Teri Chouinard at Intuit Group and hiring them to promote my company, and implementing their recommendations, I had the best year ever in over 30 years of being in business!  I am confident that this was a direct result of their strategic marketing on my behalf.  The program included a name and corporate identity change, testimonial ads that she pursued and produced on my behalf, website development and advertising locally with themed ads with newspaper and magazine articles presenting me as an expert in my local market.  Most recently, we were recognized in our community newspaper as "Best CPA in Oxford" again in large part due to their promotional efforts.  In addition, she redecorated our offices to present a more professional impression and we are embarking on hosting the community to attend presentations on new services.  We are very grateful and looking forward to continued success with Intuit Group as our marketing partner.   

James Filak
Filak CPA Group, PC
Oxford, MI

Ideas into sales, how can that be?

Read our accolades and you will see.

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