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Welcome To The Intuit Group You have taken a giant first step toward a successful marketing program. We present your product, service and business in a positive way. Our strengths are the ability and experience to produce unique concepts and images to help your business prosper. Your marketing strategy, tactics, and positioning are all considered in the execution of our ideas. They are not cookie cutter approaches but imaginative solutions that are practical. Large and small companies have taken advantage of the results oriented, creative edge that we provide. Contact us today for a fast and friendly response.

Intuit was founded in 2000 for the purpose of bringing specialized promotion services to businesses and institutions both large and small. We operate from Metamora, Michigan but our reach is unlimited. We service clients in automotive, plastics, metalworking, metal forming, materials processing, engineering and design, retail and more. We are embarking on a whole new decade of growth and services with special emphasis on experience and a solid reputation for professional excellence with an impressive record of achievement.

President’s Bio

Teri Chouinard CBC, APR (Certified Business Communicator, Accredited in Public Relations), founder of Intuit Group™, has over 30 years of business marketing experience. She has serviced numerous Tier One's and other automotive suppliers in plastics, metal working, metal forming, design and processing in the Metro Detroit Area. Prior to forming Intuit Group, she was Vice President of Sales for Alden Advertising & Design where she contributed greatly to their growth and client base through good service and dedication to her customers. In addition to her experience in the field, Teri has degrees in Journalism, Marketing and Business.


Services range from consulting to complete marketing programs. We will give 100% to a small ad, a large corporate brochure, a simple or complex technical news release, your open house or special event - whatever you need. And if you don't know what you need, we'll help you figure it out. Best of all, in addition to outstanding creative and written communications - you will receive excellent service.

About Us

For concepts that fly, programs that soar creative and insight like never before.

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